The freshest seafood!

Welcome to Juneau, Alaska. A place where the people are warm, the food is fresh and the weather is wet. We pride ourselves in having the best Alaskan eats and treats. Come see for yourself!

Alaskan Food Tours appeals to your senses by…

Satisfying local and visitor appetite for great food, authentic “local” experiences and cultural insight. Enjoy a guided walking tour of Juneau featuring food tastings from the best restaurants and specialty stores our community has to offer. All food tastings, enough for a meal, are included in the ticket price of $99.

Approximately 3hr walking culinary adventure is $99

Combines delicious food and drink tastings with some serious fun in Alaska’s capital city. Get off the beaten path while exploring the historic downtown waterfront community.

Alaska… one word conjures up all kinds of images!

From lush coastal rainforests to the frozen tundra and mountains hosting glaciers. As Alaskans, we’re proud of our local foods and we’re eager to pass along our recipes, prepare delicacies and serve fine meals. Join us for a culinary adventure and cultural experience – Indulge in the Alaskan mystique as you Taste Alaska!

Our premier 3 hour food tasting & cultural walking tour of Juneau…

Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, you’ll experience delectable foods from one of a kind specialty food stores and eateries unique to Alaska while receiving an insider’s view into the culture, history and lifestyle that defines the last frontier.


The last frontier’s vast and varied landscapes abundantly provide a feast for the eyes while it’s wealth of wildife, sealife and vegetation generously fill the Alaskan’s table.