Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil (Alaskan Style)

Low Country Boil in Southeast Alaska!


Food is one thing that brings us together, and helps to create community! No matter if you are getting together with friends, family, company, or even a group of strangers we often find out best times are punctuated with food.

Tonight I had an opportunity to prepare a low country boil for some family members who are going through a bit of a struggle. Bringing them a healthy, hearty dinner was a way that I could show my support. A way of saying I love you and care about you.

The first time I had a low country boil was in Augusta, Georgia. The memory of shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, potatoes boiled into a pot and served up with traditional sides is etched into my memory. My mouth still waters today when I think about it.

The second time I had “Low Country Boil” was on our 22 foot aluminum boat out in the waters near Juneau. We had pulled our crab and shrimp pots and harvested Dungeness crabs, beautiful spot prawns, then fished for halibut and salmon. We had brought the other ingredients on board along with a stock pot and our camp stove. With the anchor cast in a sleepy cove at the northern tip of Admiralty Island, we propped the camp stove on the back of the boat, filled the pot with sea water and tossed in our catch for the day. What a wonderful feast that we shared with my parents. To this day it is one of my mother’s favorite memories of being on the boat!

So here is the recipe because I know if you ever have a chance to fix one for your family and friends you will create lasting memories as well. Obviously from my stories above you can add or subtract any number of items depending on what you have on hand.

Low Country Boil (Alaskan Style)

by Karen Wright
Serves: 8 (Adjust the recipe to fit your crowd)        Preparation Time: 1 hours

2 pounds shrimp, peels on, headed
Legs from 2 Dungeness Crab, cleaned and separated
1 package Kielbasa Sausage  sliced to 2 inch chunks
15 small red potatoes quartered
1 onion, cut in half, then sliced into 1 inch thick slices lengthwise
¼ cup Old Bay Seasoning (to taste)
4-6 ears of corn broken into half
1 gallon of water (or enough to cover the food in the pot)
1 large beer
5 large carrots cut into 3 inch long chunks
2 large lemons (One to cook with, the other to serve with)

Instructions: Combine potatoes, onions, carrots, sausage, water, beer and old bay seasoning in a large stock pot. Bring to boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes till potatoes are fork tender. Increase heat and bring to a soft boil, add crab legs, shrimp, and 1 lemon sliced in half, and corn on the cob and cook for about 5 minutes, until the shrimp make a “C” shape, and the crab shells turn a nice red and white color. Pour out most of the liquid retaining about 2 cups worth in a separate container. After you have drained the items, you can serve it in the cooking pot, or pour it out on a thick bed of newspapers to soak up the liquid. This gets pretty messy so it is better poured out on picnic table outside, rather than inside.

Garnish with a sprinkling of the Old Bay seasoning, fresh sliced lemon wedges.

You can also serve with cocktail sauce, or butter, fresh rolls, or a crusty loaf of bread. I baked some sourdough bread and served it warm with fresh truffle butter. Of course I offered fresh veggies, and a lovely fruit salad, plus store bought cookies for dessert.

Serve with a roll of paper towels because your guests will have sticky fingers and juice dripping down to their elbows if they are really digging in!

From my home and kitchen to yours.



An Alaskan Sunset on a cold winter day!


As 2016 drew to a close and we welcome in 2017 we are so thankful for the incredible year we have had. 2016 ushered in an all new tour with Alaskan Food Tours and we were able to develop new relationships with our tasting partners and businesses throughout the community. In 2017 we will see some additional changes on our tour.

Tracy’s King Crab Shack is on the move and will have a new home for 2017, but we will still be stopping there for a tasting of their yummy king crab bisque and crab cakes. It is with a tear in our eye that we say good buy to Glacier Salt Cave & Spa as one of our tasting partners. We thank Char and her staff for helping us spread the word about the only Salt Cave in Juneau.

So I am sure you are excited to hear about new changes and are looking for information about how the tour will be evolving for 2017. First we will be offering the option of enjoying an adult beverage at a number of our tasting locations in 2017. We will also be incorporating more information about local native Alaskan culture and foods.

In other exciting developments Alaskan Food Tours, LLC is now offering private group tours. If you are looking for a fun and creative way to gather friends, family, co-workers, a bachelor or bachelorette party, corporate or business tours, as well as team building events then a private group tour is a great option. Give us a call at 907-780-3663 to find out about booking a private tour for your group.

We are looking forward to ushering in the 2017 tour season and are encouraging you keep building food memories!